Sidekick (Original)

Sidekick (Original)

Three Tools in One!  An advanced design radiating  SPEED, POWER, ACCURACY, and VERSATILITY.  The tip provides three points of contact (heel, soft edge and pointed tip) for multiple applications.  These tools are paired left and right and have a 4.5" length rachet handle 3/8th diameter 30" long stainless steel shafts that angle ninety degrees to a 4" tip.  The tip is rolled out and rounded on one side then transitions in a serpentine fashion to a point.   The heel and curved side can attack wider areas then flip the tool around to have the point work as a pick.   These function best in narrower cavities to best unleash their full leverage and power.   Primarily produced for door applications  but were found invaluable for accessing tight fender and quarter panel sitiations.   




    St Louis, MO

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