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From  PDR Professionals

Ok Guys, might be weird that I am a tool maker but I'm not someone that is tool crazy, but I have to talk about these new Xcalibur AK "Aluminium Killer" tools.  These are the best tools I have ever had. By far the most leverage. with the handles at approximately 3 and 9 o'clock you have much leverage and with less effort.  I have never liked handles at 6 o'clock and having to twist my hand upside down.  Rick's almost 30 years of experience goes into every tool and believe me he isn't just experienced he is one of the best techs I have ever worked with so he knows what he is talking about when making tools!   These are just a few of the tools is he making.   


Todd  Zimmerman, Carbon Tech

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Rick, I just want to say thanks for all of the hard work you have put into your tools, and to then share them with us. A really good friend excitedly demonstrated your tools to me, then lent them to me for a month (AK set). Well, when my wife noticed that my efficiency increased as well as body aches decrease, she insisted that I order your sets. Best decision, ever! I can't wait to try the new tools you are releasing!

Danny McCarty, Dent Effects PDR

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I recently purchased the AK3 and the AK16 sets. These tools have already paid for themselves. The access and POWER you can achieve with these tools is second to none. The sharpness of the tips as well as the perfect bend, along with the way the handle is placed saves your elbows and wrists from fatigue. Making all the other "aluminum slaying" tools on the market obsolete. The phrase "game changer" is thrown around a lot in this Industry but these truly fit that bill.
April 18, 2019

Joey Williams   JMW Enterprises

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"Every tool Xcaliber sells is designed to make dent repair easier, more efficient, and less strenuous on your body. Once you’ve used these tools you won’t be able to work without them!"

Sid Huff   Elite Dent Company

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Hood and Deck Set

2018 Tool of the Year

These work and they work well!

Jim the Dent Tools Freak

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"I bought all the tools that Xcalibur has to offer right now and they are awesome.  The Hood and Deck set is a wonderful addition to anything you might be using right now.  But don't be to surprised if you don't change what and the way you are used to doing things".  Tim

Tim's Paintless Dent Repair

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