At Xcalibur-Tools.com, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. 


Who Are We?

Xcalibur tools was formed by Rick Hummert in 2015 to produce high end specialty PDR tools.   Rick, an industry pioneer, began his career with Dent Wizard in 1990. Prior to PDR, Rick learned autobody at South County Tech High School starting in 1979 and went on to own his autobody shop for almost 10 years. Currently Rick specializes in PDR repair, advanced training, and continues to design tools. He is excited about new designs coming out in 2021. 



Xcalibur is based St Louis, MO.   All tools are 100% American made -manufactured and assembled locally.    Rick determined design efficiency and quality control considerations dictate no other option.


What’s So Unique?

Ergonomically friendly designs generate maximum leverage with the least amount of effort.              


How’s this Achieved?

The tools possess precision bends and angles created by Rick drawing from his three decades of experience as master dent technician combined with years of painstaking trial and error.