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Hood and Deck 6 piece Set

Hood and Deck 6 piece Set

Hood and Deck Set

The set consists of six tools, three left angle and three right angle, with quarter inch diameter curved shafts and come in three lengths, 10, 14, and 18 inches. They provide 360 degrees of radial coverage through access ports while at the same time avoid damaging the entrance point. By simply pulling the opposite side of the handle back, the bend creates forceful

leverage. (Conventional tools require a less forgiving and often painful wrist rotation.) Unmatched reach and efficient power transfer from the handle to the tip separate Rick’s tools from the others. Additionally, they excel when confronting aluminum.


    Xcalibur Tools are made exclusivley in the USA. 

    Voted Tool of the Year 2018 by Dent Tools Freak

  • Dent Tool Freaks 2018 Tool of the Year

    Click here to see Jim demonstrate Xcalibur tools.

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